Generic Investigation Toolkit

Do you need to analyze documents that are non-financial, e.g. insurance claims, legal schedules, mobile phone records?

Turn any document that has rows and columns into an actionable Excel® worksheet with the Generic Investigation Toolkit. This software:

  • Works with any tabular (rows and columns) document.
  • Built-in tool enables you to easily eliminate rows that are not part of your analysis, e.g. headings and subtotals interspersed within the document.
  • Use the internal rules engine to help you uncover patterns in the data and other suspicious transactions.
Woman happily on a computer analyzing documents with eFraud Services Generic Investigation Toolkit | Financial Fraud Investigation Software
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This is one page of hundreds from a health insurance claim. The claims analysts were manually reviewing these documents before implementing the Generic Investigation Toolkit.

Generic Investigation Toolkit Before Patient PDF Document | eFraud Services


This is the same data document converted to an Excel® worksheet. All columns are formatted and ready for analysis. Subheadings and subtotals have been automatically removed.

Generic Investigation Toolkit After Organized Excel Document | eFraud Services


Watch this 2-minute video to see how the Financial Investigation Toolkit and Financial Analysis Toolbar convert a bank statement to Excel®.
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Automatically Read Statements

OCR-ready software scans bank, credit card & brokerage documents into Excel®.

Analyze in Minutes

Quickly analyze bank transactions, reducing your analysis time from days and weeks to minutes.


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