Financial Analysis Toolbar

Let’s face it, analyzing hundreds of bank statements and thousands of transactions is tedious, nerve-racking and time consuming.

What if you can turn this chore into a process that takes minutes instead of days?

With the Financial Analysis Toolbar,
you can do just that!

This software is an Excel® add-in that includes a set of tools to quickly and easily analyze financial transactions.

Man smiling and using eFraud Services Financial Analysis Toolbar | Financial Fraud Investigation Software

Financial Analysis Toolbar Features

Description Groupings

Several transactions may be similar, but not exactly the same, e.g. some may be misspelled, others abbreviated or there may be OCR errors. This tool uses “fuzzy matching” to group similar transactions together. It gives you a snapshot of how many times each description occurs in the group, along with the actual descriptions in the group.

Transaction Matcher

Do you want to follow the Money Trail as transactions move between accounts?

This tool creates a visual representation and a detailed report identifying all inter-account transactions, no matter how many accounts you have.

Pattern Manager

A rules engine enables you to easily create rules to identify patterns in the Excel® data, e.g. ATM withdrawals, locations, payers and payees.

Transaction Attachments

Automatically attach images of checks, any file and notes to each transaction in the worksheet.

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eFraud Services Financial Analysis Toolbar is has a familiar Excel® interface | Financial Fraud Investigation Software

Familiar Excel® Interface

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is an Excel® Add-on. If you can use Excel®, you can use this tool. It works within Excel® so you can still access all of Excel®’s features and functions.

eFraud Services Financial Analysis Toolbar is built specifically for investigators | Financial Fraud Investigation Software

Built For Investigators

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is targeted to financial investigators. Throughout our 18 year history, the only industry served has been fighting economic crimes.

eFraud Services Financial Analysis Toolbar is a customer driven software | Financial Fraud Investigation Software

Customer Driven

The Financial Analysis Toolbar is continuously enhanced based on feedback from customers. New reports are added regularly in response to our customers’ requests.

Harness The Power of Excel®

The Financial Analysis Toolbar harnesses the power of Excel® to provide a set of analysis tools to help Financial Investigators interrogate and probe transactional data to identify suspicious transactions, isolate patterns within transactions and track transfers within and between accounts.

It has been designed to work closely with our market-leading software Financial Investigation Toolkit that quickly and efficiently scans bank statements and converts them into consistent, highly-accurate Excel® files. Investigation Toolkit can handle hard copy statements and those received electronically in text, TIF or PDF format.





Computer with examples of eFraud Services Financial Analysis Toolbar | Financial Fraud Investigation Software


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Automatically Read Statements

OCR-ready software scans bank, credit card & brokerage documents into Excel®.

Analyze in Minutes

Quickly analyze bank transactions, reducing your analysis time from days and weeks to minutes.


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